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dryer vent cleaning service The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 15,500 fires associated with clothes dryers cause 10 deaths, 310 injuries, and more than $84.4 million in property damage each year. Lack of maintenance, can cause lint and other debris to ignite and cause a fire, can cause your dryer to overheat, and keep your laundry from actually drying.

The purpose of your dryer vent system is to remove moisture, heat, and lint from your laundry as it dries. Regular dryer vent cleaning keeps lint and other debris from building up in your dryer vent, preventing the dryer from drying properly, making your laundry take too long to dry, and is a fire hazard.

Blocked dryer vents can also cause problems. Wild animals such as birds, squirrels, rats, and other animals can also nest in your dryer vent and cause blockage. Another problem created by blocked dryer vents serving gas dryers is the possibility of gas seeping into your home. If the dryer is not exhausting properly to the outdoors, carbon monoxide can back up into your home, which can be deadly.

Running the dryer for more than a 40 minute cycle can result in a waste of electricity, time, and cause high energy bills. One load of wet clothes placed in a dryer contains about 1/3 gallon of water. Clothes dryers are one of the most expensive appliances that operate in your home. The longer and harder the dryer has to work, the more it costs for you.

A thorough dryer vent inspection by our expert technicians is a simple solution in identifying and fixing the issue with your dryer vent. We will first inspect your system and if needed we will clean and repair your system to have your dryer working properly once again. We have tools specifically designed to clean dryer vents and with these tools we are able to do a thorough job of cleaning even the most difficult installations.

Warning signs: when you need dryer vent cleaning:
- Dryer vent takes longer than 40 minutes to dry a load
- Dryer is hot to touch on the top
- Dryer lint is collecting on the inside of the dryer door
- There is a burning smell during/ after drying
- There is humidity inside the dryer door
- A lot of lint build up on darker clothing
- Never cleaned vent before
- If you look inside the vent itself and see lint collecting on the inside
- If you check the vent outside and you cannot feel the air blowing out at least 12” from the vent

Depending on what type of dryer you have - stackable, side-by-side, gas or electric - and how your dryer is vented - through the wall, up through the roof, across the inside of the ceiling, etc. the basic procedure is the same.

Our technician will come inside and unhook the connection piece that goes between the dryer and the vent. We can run the vent cleaning equipment from the dryer side out to the end of the vent. Specialized brushes spin and loosen and simultaneously vacuum all lint, dust, and debris to the entire length of the vent. We can clean the connection piece, reattach your dryer and recheck the vent while your dryer is operating. All of our equipment uses state of the art HEPA filtration so we able to use it without contaminating the environment.


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